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To some gamers, hardcore and casual alike, mobile devices aren’t even considered to be gaming platforms. The debate is always whether PCs or consoles are superior, with the former coming out on top in most areas of discussion.

But, much faster than we could have anticipated, mobile devices have become incredibly powerful devices. Nowadays, the quality of some of the non-freemium games exceeds that of some of the earlier PC and console games. Some classic PC games now have a mobile version, such as Rome: Total War.

Now, there’s a new era of gaming rolling in. With an increased demand for gaming on the go, some games and game services are ensuring that their players can enjoy the same experience on their mobiles as they would on their PC or console. This includes using the same account, having access to the same games, and even playing alongside players on other platforms.

Explore, build, and destroy anywhere

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When the full version of Minecraft was officially released on PC in November 2011 and to the Xbox 360 in May 2011, it quickly rose in popularity – especially among younger gamers. The ability to land in the middle of a vast world which you could explore and build anything captivated a huge audience.

The mighty sandbox game is now one of the biggest games of its generation and versions were released to all forms of platforms, devices, and gadgets. The game is regularly updated to add new levels of enjoyment for its players.  One of the biggest updates came in late 2017, titled the “Better Together” update, which enabled all of its players across all platforms to come together.

Admittedly, its retro style graphics and easy gameplay don’t require the most powerful gadget to play it. But, having the ability to play with your friends in the world you’ve built on the console when you’re on the go is quite spectacular.

Hundreds of different games

One of the most popular gaming genres is that of casino games. With the rise of the internet came the ability to play real-money casino games from the comfort of the sofa. It was always going to be very popular, especially as many pop-culture glamorizes the Las Vegas scene.

With a bigger audience and the desire to game on the go, online casinos had to adapt. They had to allow their players to enjoy their games wherever they are. One such provider, Betfair, made their free casino available to play across all devices as well as giving players cross-platform accounts so that they get the same experience wherever they game.

The online casino boasts several hundreds of games playable on all platforms. The ability to offer so many working games to mobile gamers from one location shows how far mobile gaming has come.

Battle everyone wherever you are

redbull games

Source: Red Bull Games, via TwitterThe biggest gaming craze right now is the so-called ‘Battle Royale’ genre. Spanning from the 1999 Japanese novel and subsequent 2000 Japanese film, these games place many players on an island where they must battle in a last-player-standing format. A few leading titles emerged around the same time, but one stands above all other right now, Fortnite: Battle Royale.

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While the gameplay is innovative and very fun, Fortnite’s greatest move was enabling cross-play. In any given Fortnite arena, there could be players gaming from PCs, iOS devices, Xbox Ones, and PS4s. This has opened up the smash-hit game to an even bigger audience.

All of these gaming providers are blurring the lines between what is seen as real gaming and mobile gaming. Given that technology continues to advance at a fast rate, it may not be too long before Triple-A titles enable cross-play from mobile devices as well.


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