Get paid to park your car at the Airport? Now there’s an app for that!

Getting a free automobile wash and vacuuming and the airport sounds good. What’s even higher is getting paid for leaving your automotive.

flightcar pickup
When you come back, FlightCar will ship you directions in your airport pickup and take you again to their location. If your automotive was rented, your verify can be within the mail!

FlightCar, a peer-to-peer car sharing service operating at airports, also being hailed as an Airbnb for cars, has launched its new iPhone app. When you park at the airport, FlightCar workers park and wash your automobile, at no cost—and will rent your car to different travelers. If so, you get will paid. The service was first launched from San Francisco International Airport, USA in February 2013. It has now expanded operations to 14 airports across the United States, with plans to expand even more.

“It’s not really a rental car company and it’s not really a parking company; it’s sort of in the middle,” said co-founder and President Kevin Petrovic.

Petrovic and co-founder CEO Rujul Zaparde — both aged 20 and Ivy League dropouts — say they are tapping into the market that makes apps and websites that grant fill to loan or sell their private holding, lodging, clothes or car to someone else for a fee, like Airbnb, Poshmark, Getaround, Thredup and dozens of others.

“More people are going to have extra assets that they may not need and are willing to share it, and other people are willing to rent it at the right price. It is good for the economy overall and it’s good for the individual.” said Hans Tung, managing partner at GGV Capital, which led a $13.5 million financing round for FlightCar in 2014.

How does it Work?

FlightCar lets folks parking at the airport rent their automobiles out to other pre-screened traveling members. Every rental is insured up to a million dollars and they guarantee you a clean car when you come back. Apart from that, members also get free parking, and if their car gets rented out,  they get paid depending on the model of the car, the airport they left it at and the number of miles it gets driven.

car rental
Available only from the iOS right now, the company may launch an android version soon

You can estimate your payout at this page. Flightcar claims that members who rent using their service get the lowest rental charges compared to the market, with free insurance coverage and free extras. There is no sign up fees for new members.


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