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Students want to make it to orbit, and they are close!

  Last month, the Portland State Aerospace Society (PSAS), a student venture at Portland State College, launched a rocket out in the Oregon desert, on 19th July 2015 to be exact. The rocket soared almost five kilometers...

Top Fifteen Images from the Space & Beyond

  These are the best ever images of our marvelous universe (or the little that we know of). We have shortlisted the top 15 images from the hundreds, mostly taken by the...
light sail

LightSail (Solar Spaceship) Test Flight Ends with Fiery Re-entry

    Topics: lightsail, light propulsion, solar propulsion The LightSail test mission is formally over. Following a twenty five day stay in low-Earth orbit, the spacecraft re-entered back into Earth’s atmosphere Sunday afternoon. Orbital...