This is a simple machine, which uses some rods embedded with LEDs that are spinning at a high rate to create seemingly 3D hologram videos in space. The concept of persistance of vision (POV) is very old and that’s how a lot of still images stitched togather appear as video to our eyes.

The same concept has also been used to make fans that display holographic messages

You can buy it right now for $400 with free shipping ($320 on sale for a limited here) from here: (opens in a new tab)

hologram 3d fan
Components that come with the package of the 3D hologram pack

42cm/16.54in 3D Holographic Projector Display Fan Portable LED Unique Hologram Player Projector AC 100-240V EU/US/UK Plug

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You may also remember the light strips you can attach on your car or cycle tyres (called monkey lights) and create a holographic video:



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