Vintage LED bulbs are designed to give lamps a retro look, which in the right surroundings offers a unique ambiance, which will complement the decor of a place. The trend to use Edison bulbs is quickly re-emerging, and this is changing the interiors of posh hotels, diners and coffee shops, as well as classical home interiors. Traditionally, incandescent bulbs were shaped like this, but they were inefficient as well. The market was thus filled with a more energy efficient alternative – LEDs. However the look of LED bulbs was so crude and modern, and this resulted in the disapproval of these bulbs by many who were fascinated by vintage, retro and classical styles. Those who could afford to keep paying high energy bills stuck to traditional bulbs, because they could not forego the warm glow that they offered, unlike the bright white of LEDs. However, those who preferred to save money and be more energy efficient had to opt for LEDs. Luckily nowadays this situation can be resolved thanks to a vintage LED bulb.

examples of some vintage LED bulbsWith the arrival of filament LED technology, it is now possible to have Vintage LED, i.e., LED bulbs that resemble vintage bulbs but are considerably more efficient and reliable. These bulbs obviously are lighter, because they do not need heat sinks or fins. They are also more affordable than traditional lighting. The yellow light of incandescent Edison bulbs is also back with the filament LED bulbs. That is the essential difference between other filament LEDs and Vintage LEDs, which are also known as antique LEDs.

The other difference is the shape. Vintage LEDs mimic the shapes of traditional incandescent lamps, and are available in different shapes such as globe, candle, flame, and bayonet, to mention a few. The Globe variety has a spherical enclosure. The Candle type resembles the longish cylindrical shape of a candle. The Flame is almost spindle shaped, but with the top end tapering off unevenly resembling a fire, whereas the bayonet is similar to a flame but is completely symmetrical. Then there are teardrop varieties as well. Many of these vintage varieties are used in chandeliers and pendant lights. Previously, it was difficult to have such lighting with regular LEDs.



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