Cool Ways to Use the Internet for Gift Ideas

We both love and loathe buying gifts for loved ones. On the one hand, it’s amazing seeing people’s faces when you’ve got them a gift they really love (plus, it kind of makes you feel like Jesus, being all selfless and what-not), but then on the other hand, it’s horrendous trying to find gifts for people. What do they want? What do they need? How much should you spend? We’ve been buying gifts for some people for decades now and we are seriously running out of ideas.

Luckily for us and anyone else in a similar situation, the internet has brought with it a wealth of great gift ideas that weren’t possible a decade ago.


The bulk of this article is going to be about personalization, as people believe it shows real thought (even though, in most cases, you simply need to upload a picture to a website and wait…). The internet has made it possible to personalize so many items, that you could sort out the next decade or two worth of birthdays for a loved one, by simply sending personalized gifts. Here are some of the better examples:

personalized marshmallowsMarshmallows – We love the idea of sending someone Boomf personalized marshmallows. Who thought of this bonkers idea? We think the world is a much better place for having them in it


stave custom puzzle

Custom Puzzles – Puzzles never seem to go out of fashion. Even with the rise of the internet and more exciting time wasters, puzzles remain near the top of the gaming food chain. See Stave’s custom puzzles to see how they would look. This is great for anyone who loves whiling the hours away doing puzzles instead of shooting space aliens in the face


soggy bottomPosters – We like high and low art, meaning our walls are adorned with classic works of art, as well as the Lord of the Rings map and that picture from Pulp Fiction. Posters are great, and you can visit Poster Haste and write your own posters. It’s similar to how those personalized online card stores work, but with posters.

Weird Amazon Finds

If you search around on Amazon, AliExpress or eBay for long enough, you will find some pretty weird items that actually make great gifts. They come in all shapes and sizes and have a wide price range, meaning they are suitable as a cheaper gift for someone you don’t see all too often, or a more expensive present for a close family member. Some wacky ideas include a glass pig filled with chocolate buttons to creepy pop art frog ornaments.

Dedicated Gift Shops

Another great reason to embrace internet gift shopping is that the range that these online stores have far exceeds those weird gift shops you get in small towns. For example, there is Red5 which specializes in everything pretty much, including Assassins Creed bath robes and an exploding kitten card game… weird, but wonderful.

If you can’t find something for everyone on the internet, then you are clearly not looking hard enough 😆


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