The paperless revolution is upon us for years, sure. However, sometimes we still need to get documents off from the computer onto a paper – especially for businesses. So how do you decide which function or technology level are best for business? How much money can you spend? To help you decide, we sorted out some tips that you can consider before purchase.

What kind of printer does your business need?

If you own a home office or small office, then you might be printing a lot compared with home users (individuals). You need a professional-quality output. You might already have considered a laser printer, but in most cases a similarly priced color inkjet will be more efficient while generally having a cheaper ink.

Small workgroups in a business setting will need a mainstay printer that can easily juggle multiple tasks and handle heavier demands. A3 printers, for example are multifunction devices that offer a whole range of advanced features, built-in benefits and functions to help office staff work faster and increase overall production. Click here for A3 printers.

The most important printer features to look for

Flexibility and ease of use. Choose a printer that your staff can easily operate (or learn to). Minimal training means faster utilization for real value. Many printers today have touchscreen panels that are controlled by gestures, such as drag and flick of a finger. These same printers have pop-up menus and intuitive controls. More advanced models of A3 printers allow the use of mobile devices to print and scan by touching it against the Mobile Touch area using a phone application.

In-house professional quality printing. Choose a printer that can accommodate a wide range of paper sizes and can produce originals on sheets, allowing crop and margin preservation. Pick a model that can handle specific pantone color requirements, easily manage print queues and fine-tune output color to suit the needs of any printing job. These features will make in-house printing quick and efficient.

Seamless integration. The printer you choose should have an open platform technology that allows seamless integration with software programs from the service provider or third party developers. This software allows faster processing and better business workflow. It can also manage your print production, perform cost recovery, account tracking, create direct mail promotions and more.

Many printers now also offer improved integration and connectivity by using the latest industry-leading wireless cloud-based and mobile technology services so that you can print and share anytime, virtually everywhere.

High speed print, scan, copy and warm up time. Choose a printer that is capable of giving single-pass duplex scanning in their class. With this, you’ll be able to scan double-sided documents in one go. Printers such as The bizhub A3 color series, for example, warms up in less than 18 seconds, which means you can print in short notice. High-end printers like this can produce a high quality output in as low as 4.6 seconds for colored and 4.1 seconds in monochrome.

Regardless of the type of business you operate, you need a well-rounded printer that can go toe-to-toe with your toughest requirements. Choose smart, and you’ll print smarter.


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