ToughTested: Finally, the best headphones that will last!

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(We are giving away 1 brand new ToughTested’s Jobsite Headphones’. See the end of this article for details Winner announced)

Noise can be stressful and it can be addictive as well. Being constantly exposed to excessive noise can make people partially or wholly deaf, irritable, and increase the tendency to speak in high volume. ToughTested earbuds are made for people who live and work in such environments. The problem is more acute when the person receives an important phone call in such noisy environments. In the US there are noise limits acceptable in any workplace defined by Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Also, the Environment Protection Agency has prescribed limits for noise in public places, and surroundings. Earbuds and other products used for sounds have to conform to the standards stipulated by the American National Standards Institute and ToughTested earbuds not only conform to these standards, but exceed them.

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Brand new headphones, not opened yet

We thoroughly tested the ToughTested’s < href=”” target=”_blank”>Jobsite earphones, retailing for $47 on Amazon. They come in a big hard plastic box (see picture above). Needless to say, we were blown away. These are the first headphones that we can say will last forever! Every headphone we have tried ends within a year (we are rough and careless with those things). Usually one of the ear stops working. But these ones never gave up, no matter what we tried (we didn’t put it in water though), pulling, sitting on them, keeping them in the pocket for a whole day and sleeping with them, burying them in mud, but boy these are really “Tough Tested”. These earbuds will help the user to hear communication and sounds without the outside noise, effectively improving the clarity of the phone call. We even tried taking a call on the firing range, and weren’t disappointed at all.


Some of the main features of these ear buds include –

a. Cords that do not get tangled. There are ear buds with straight and long cords that can be connected to the telephones or other music devices. These are thin and tend to get tangled easily, effectively requiring time and patience on the part of the user as without entangling, the length may not suffice for the distance from the instrument. Another problem because of such tangled wires is that they damage the internal sound carrying wires if not untangled with patience. ToughTested earbuds have cords that do not end up getting tangled easily. The cords are Kevlar reinforced (2.5 mm heavy gauge). The nylon outside is also braided because of which they are more durable and have more strength.

b. There is a memory foam surrounding the main ear bud. This memory bud prevents the sound waves from dispersing in the surroundings, and vice versa, sounds from the outside interfering with the sound that comes from within the ear buds. This foam can, therefore, reduce noise levels by almost 30 percent. Because the foam is a softer material, it can also be worn for a long time unlike harder plastics.

c. The ear hooks in these ear buds are very flexible.

d. To ensure that the reception is the same from all directions, these ear buds include Halo 360 degrees directional microphones;

e. There are the usual ear bud controls, i.e., play, volume, pause, back, skip, answer, and end;

f. Includes the EQ or Voice technology which ensures optimal of any calls or music. This technology also maintains the music volume at 95 DB, which is the optimal level that does not damage the hearing;

g. These ear buds have also been tested almost 10,000 times to conform to the features and ability to reduce noises as desired.

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Recommendation: Great value for money. If you are the sort of person who is careless with their headphones or if you work in a noisy place, these are definitely a must have earphone.

Winner Of ToughTested’s Giveaway

We received entries from 55 countries including Benin (which we didn’t know was a country! [Thank you so much you guys!!] and even Israel [though we clearly stated, if you won, we wouldn’t be able to send you the gift… sorry, we have nothing against you, but our country laws 🙁 ]

Most of the entries (about 60%) from from the USA, followed by Canada (11%).The winner for the ToughTested’s giveaway was Andre O’Brian (a************ from FL, USA. Congratulations (please share your pictures with us when you get the prize)

The announcement got late because the winner took a bit of time to reply 😀


    • No Sir. Andre O’Brian from Miami. We’ve already shipped the prize, and requested him to share pics once he gets it

      I see you also have the same first name. Are you also from Miami, FL?


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