MicFlip is reversible

There was a lot griping when Apple changed its outdated dock connectors with the reversible Lightning cable, however they’ve made life much simpler for Apple customers. So the MicFlip, the world’s first reversible micro-USB cable, guarantees to do the same for Android, Nokia (and other smartphone) users.

MicFlip in action
MicFlip: First reversible MicroUSB ever

Have you ever tried plugging a micro-USB cable into your cellphone, tablets or any other gadgets in the dark? You’ve got a 50% probability of getting the connector the proper side up, however in actuality you often get it wrong 99% of the time. Not with the MicFlip. It works both way so every time you try to plug in a microUSB device, it’s guaranteed to work.

Of course, the angle of the plug was not the only important thing to regular USB cable users. 25% of respondents to the survey carried out by UK based Winner Gear said they wished their cables were more reliable. USB cables can become faulty fairly quickly, with connections becoming loose and proving unable to charge gadgets or transfer data. To overcome this problem, MicFlip is not only totally reversible, the wires are also covered in an ultra-strong and flexible braided nylon lead. The cables have a robust aluminum shell, and gold-plated plugs to prevent corrosion, ensure greater conductivity. The creator’s claim that MicFlip will outlast all of your other USB cables.

The MicFlip’s creators selected Indiegogo crowdfunding site to help bring the cable to the frustrated and challenged charging masses, but as of right now, it has already surpassed its funding goal by a long margin. When available sometime in September (assuming everything goes smoothly moving into product testing and manufacturing) the reversible microUSB will retail for about $20, however pre-orders are still out there so you can buy one now for just $15 and save your self a few dollars. Literally this is a feature many people want, our only criticism is that they didn’t show one actual cable in action, but only artist renderings.

Or, purchase a dozen since you’re in all probability just going to want to go ahead and replace every annoying microUSB cable in your home. Now just wish that someone makes that main USB connector as reversible too!


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