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H30 Smart wristband

Smart Wristband: Teclast H30 Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor

We were given a sample by Gearbest for review. We have tried our level best to be impartial and we'll be giving away the sample (after thoroughly cleaning and packing it as it came)...
headphones blow your mind 2

4 Magnificient Headphones That Will Blow Your Mind, And Your Savings

Hаѕ there ever bееn a purer, mоrе intimate ѕоniс experience than thаt рrоvidеd by an excellent раir of hеаdрhоnеѕ? Rеvеаling аll thе dеtаil and brilliаnсе оf thе bеѕt in rесоrdеd music, grеаt headphones dеlivеr...
Gadgets on limited budget

How to get a gadget when you have limited budget

Online retailers offer a plethora of gadgets that will suit your every need. Whether you are searching for a great birthday gift, Christmas present, or something for yourself, you can find cool and unique...
how does IoT work

How does IoT work? Examples

IoT stands for the Internet of Things (also known as the Internet of Everything). It is a concept of connecting any device to the Internet infrastructure as well as to other connected devices. This...
4 coolest gadgets for truck owners

The 4 Coolest Gadgets for Truck Owners

There are few professions which are considered quite as quintessentially American as trucking, but the traditional image of the trucker no longer quite holds true. Advances in technology, as well as changes in our...
The Most Popular Tech Available for Christmas 2017

The Most Popular Tech Available for Christmas 2017

Christmas is always a great time for the entire family. This year’s Christmas will be even more exciting thanks to better gifts, great special offers, and online retailers making gift-shopping that much easier to...
circuit on a fabric

Fully Integrated And Washable Electronic Circuits Printed on Fabric

Researchers from the University of Cambridge, working with colleagues in China and Italy have successfully integrated washable, breathable and stretchable electronic circuits into fabric, opening up many new possibilities for wearable electronics and smart...
5 Gadgets You Must Have At Home

5 Gadgets You Must Have At Home

Technology is rapidly evolving with new gadgets being invented all the time. Some of these devices are discovered for home use hence enabling us to transform our homes into a "smart home." Some of...
90s gadgets worth a lot of money

90’s Gadgets That Are Worth a Lot of Money Today

The 90’s was a fun decade for gadgets.  It was the first decade when cell phones gained widespread popularity, and consoles like the PlayStation and the Sega Megadrive were all the rage with kids...
Pi MacRobert Award

Raspberry Pi won MacRobert Prize, the top engineering award in UK

A miniature, low-cost computer that may encourage kids to learn to program was the concept of a small team of academics and scientists. Launched in 2012, Raspberry Pi has achieved great feats in the last...