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how to hack android

How To Bypass (Hack) Android 5.x (Lollipop) Lockscreen

A hack or a vulnerability exists in Android Lollipop 5.x (uptil 5.1.1, build LMY48L) that enables an attacker to crash and bypass the lockscreen...

Major Flaw In Android Can Let Hackers In With Just An MMS

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the Universe: More than 80 percent of smartphones run on it. According to mobile security...

Top 5 Trends in Android App Development in 2017

The perks of Android App Development in the past decade has been powered ahead by easy to learn development courses and a shift of...
qualcomm vulnerable

Once again, a billion plus android devices vulnerable

  Once again, more than a billion Android gadgets are vulnerable to a security hole in Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip that may very well be exploited...
Google Now & Siri Hack

Siri & Google Now Can Be Hacked From 16 Feet Away

Google Now may be your personal assistant. However your voice isn't the only one it listens to. As a group of researchers from France have found,...
Darkode before takedown

Student faces 10 years for Android Malware

Morgan C. Culbertson, a student from Carnegie Mellon University on Tuesday admitted in federal court to designing and attempting to promote malware that allowed...
phone spy partner

The Phone can tell where your Partner is

Snoopza app is the perfect spy app to clear your suspicions about your partner. In this age where finding another companion is only a...
whatsapp hack

XNSPY – A Software Spy WhatsApp Cannot Fend off

Note: Read the comments before you buy this app. There have been many problems reportedly and the software may not work as advertised and...
credit card

Safedome – A credit card sized gadget to secure your wallet

Conveniences such as credit cards, debit cards, emails, and smartphones come with an inherent risk of identity theft. If the credit or debit card...